Donna grew up in Newcastle where she trained professionally as a dancer before moving to Sydney to further her education as a strength & conditioning (S&C) coach. Her dancing background & time as a NSW Rep touch player saw her interest in sports performance & nutrition evolve into an integral part of her coaching philosophies today.

After acting as head S&C Coach for Lindfield RUFC for 2 seasons,  she continued as assistant S&C in the Shute Shield. This has seen her establish professionalism & efficiency with large numbers of mens' teams, ie Rugby Union. She transitioned to Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the North Sydney Bears Rugby League Jersey Flegg, and assisting with the Premier League team for 2 seasons from 2017-2019.


In 2015 & 2016 Donna has been part of the S&C team for the NSW Rugby Union Schools team, who have won the championships undefeated.

Donna completed a Winter Sports Internship at Newington College, as acting S&C staff for the First & Second XI Football program, and the U16s Rugby Development squad.  She has since been a part of their S&C department involved in all athlete development programs, rehabilitation & programming, concluding June 2018. Donna transitioned to St Andrew's Cathedral School to help develop the program and help in the redesign and rebuild of a new performance facility that opened in January 2020. As Head of Athletic Development, she grew the program so students of all kind were able to train with some of the best S&Cs in Sydney. Increasing the number of staff using the gym, as well as contributing to PDHPE curriculum, MIC of Rugby & Basketball, and getting a Rugby 7s program in action for both boys & girls for the 2019 Summer Season. 

Donna has been Head of Strength & Conditioning at Hunter Valley Grammar School since October 2019, continuing to work with student athletes and the Elite Athlete Program to develop the program, following the good work of Josh Secomb. She is also mentor to novice and experienced S&C Coaches in the industry through the ASCA and University Placement programs. 


Donna implements testing & screening practices to ensure her athletes' progressions & results are coinciding with programming & their sports requirements. She has worked with numerous female athletes, particularly helping women excel in their chosen field & tailoring periodised programs for each individual’s goals.


Qualifications include; Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (UNE, Armidale), Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Lvl 2 Pro-Scheme Coach, NCAS Certified, International Society of Sports Nutrition, PICP Theory, Advanced Strength Training 2011 (Performance Training Institute), & Cert III/IV Fitness. She is certified in Senior First Aid & is a Level 1 Sports Trainer certified by the NRL.


Donna has worked in a number of gyms including Fitness First, 98 Riley St, PE Dept and Lift Performance Centre.


One of her main areas of expertise is injury rehab using mobility, strength work, & focus on primary movement patterns. She has been successful in both young & masters athletes returning to their chosen sport.


Donna specializes in:

  • Athletic development

  • Periodised strength and conditioning programming

  • Diet and supplementation

  • Rehabilitation & Return to Play Protocols

  • Body composition

  • Flexibility and mobility training

  • Sport specific training

  • Female Strength Development


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